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Sort out your Winter Work Space at Aster Coworking

Winter is coming, and with it, a golden opportunity to redefine the way you work is, too. Our Aster Coworking space is ideal for holidaymakers, seasonal workers and locals alike and to say we're excited for winter is an understatement. Over the last few months, we've been getting our feet off the ground, and we've already seen a vast variety of lovely workers pass through our doors.

We want to recap our pricing options today and remind you of some of the reasons to choose us as your working space this winter – because, first and foremost, instead of sitting home alone whilst your friends and family are out skiing, it's much more fun to revel in your working misery with others, right?

The aster coworking space

Hot desk coworking subscriptions

5 access days a month: 100€

10 access days a month: 150€

Unlimited monthly access: 250€

Annual coworking subscriptions

5 access days per month (paid annually): 800€

10 access days per month (paid annually): 1,500€

Unlimited monthly access (paid annually): 2500€

Focus room coworking subscriptions

5 full days a month: 200€ (monthly)

5 access a month (paid annually): 2000€

“But… I’m only here for 2 months and I just want my own desk where I can leave my things”.

Bien sur, check out our dedicated desk subscription where you can get your very own fixed desk for just 320€ a month.

Why choose us at Aster Coworking?

1. Fresh concept in the Three Valleys

Aster Coworking is a revolution for at-home workers in the Three Valleys. With hot desks, focus rooms, and a meeting room, it's tailor-made for digital professionals seeking a peaceful yet focused workspace.

2. Integrated Application

Coworking has never been easier. All you have to do is book your spot online here. Next, download our booking Application. Then, when you're ready to go and work, just scan your App on the door, and boom, you’re in.

3. Unrivalled location

A stone’s throw from both Courchevel and Meribel, our workspace in Bozel is ideal for those staying in either valley. Plus, it’s located just a short walk from the lakefront and surrounded by scrumptious bakeries and eateries (we’re sorry in advance for the number of pastries you’re likely to consume when working with us).

Bozel Lake

To add further value to your work experience…

  • We’re open 24/7 for our members.

  • We provide refreshments - enjoy complimentary tea and coffee throughout your workday.

  • We put fast connection first with our ultra-fast fibre optic WiFi.

  • We offer flexible pricing - whether you're looking for a one-time hot desk or considering a long-term commitment, our pricing plans cater to every need

  • We offer complimentary printing services - a huge bonus

outside aster coworking

Are you looking for somewhere to register your office / French business?

Look no further. Opt for our Registered Address service. It's perfect for those who travel frequently, change addresses with seasonal accommodations, or simply wish to avoid paperwork. With Aster Coworking, you can have your business's head office registered with us. We offer digital copies of all your paperwork and can even help in actioning your post through our sister company, Aster Management.

Winter in the Three Valleys is exceptional. Now, it’s even more accessible for anyone who requires a homely space to feel part of a working community.

Check out our website today and keep us in mind this winter.


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