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Our Story
& Expertise

Our mission is to be the support pillar for both businesses and individuals with their French administration, property and translation challenges. 

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Why trust Aster?

We are a bi-cultural and bi-lingual team of problem solvers with 10 years of experience in French administration and French property management. We understand the stress. We know the loopholes. We know the system inside out.


Navigating French administration is riddled with difficulties for native English speakers. Our team were raised speaking both languages across both countries, meaning we’re experts in cultural nuances – which goes a long way in addressing French bureaucracy.

How we can help you

Based in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in France, we provide French administrative assistance for both individuals and businesses, second home owners and translation services to a local and national market. Click below to learn more about our service offerings.  

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