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Renewing Your Brexit Carte de Séjour: What You Need to Know

When Brexit came into effect, there was insecurity felt by many Brits who had made France their home. Due to the sheer number of people this affected, as well as wanting to make the administrative load as small as possible, the procedure to obtain a Brexit carte de séjour, or WARP card, was hugely simplified. For those installed in France for more than 5 years at the time of Brexit, 10 year residency cards were issued, for anyone in the country less than that, even if they’d arrived in France on 31st December 2020, 5 year cards were issued.

If you were issued the 5 year card, you’ll soon have to start thinking about renewal.

When ?

The card is valid for 3 days from the date of issue, and can be renewed from 2 months before its expiry, and the sooner you do this the better, as it can take some time. 

As an example, if your card was issued in February 2021, you need to apply for renewal in December 2025, so you ought to start preparing your documents in the autumn of 2025 at the very latest.

What are the criteria for renewal ?

  • You must have lived in France uninterrupted for the past 5 years. This doesn’t mean you can’t have left the country during the 5 years, what it means is France has remained your permanent residence for the duration of validity of your residency card.

  • Your income must be at least the level of the Smic (French minimum wage). All your income (including from abroad) is taken into account.

  • You must have complied with tax obligations for the duration of your residency, ie submitting a French tax return for your worldwide income each year since you have had the card

How ?

This renewal is done directly via your local prefecture. You book a meeting to submit your dossier, and attend this with the full list of accompanying documents.

Once you have submitted this you will receive a “recipissé” which will allow you the same rights as your current residency card until you receive your new residency card. 

What documents you need

  • Application form for a Titre de séjour completed

  • Full birth certificate

  • Current residency card

  • Passport

  • Proof of address less than 6 months old

  • E-photo code

  • Proof of payment of stamp duty (to be submitted at the time of issue of the license)

  • Proof of regular and uninterrupted residence in France for at least 5 years (residence permits, renewal receipts, school certificates, tax returns, etc.)

  • Proof of sufficient, stable and regular income over the last 5 years: pay slips, tax notices, proof of pension payment, employment contract. Social benefits and allowances are excluded.

  • Proof of health insurance: health insurance card or health insurance certificate

  • Fiscal stamp for 225€

You’ll need both the original documents, copies, and official translations of any documents not in French.

FAQ - Do you need to prove your proficiency in the French language? - We don’t think so. French language proficiency is now required for many types of residency, but the initial Withdrawal Agreement residency cards were given before this requirement came into effect. At this stage you are renewing residency that has already been granted, so you will not need to take a French test.

**NB - A new law was voted in earlier this year (la loi n°2024-42 du 26 janvier 2024) which may affect the above list, however the final rulings have not yet been published.

How long does it take ?

Similar to getting the CDS in the first place, it depends on the time it takes the prefecture to turn it around and make the card, which will be dependent on the amount of applications going through at that particular time.

If you haven’t received your carte de séjour within the 2 months of application and therefore once your original card has expired, not to worry! Your proof of application for renewal, or “recipissé”, which you’ll be issued when you attend the meeting at the prefecture, will allow you to continue to reside legally under the same terms until you receive your new card.

Do you need help ?If you need assistance getting the relevant documents together or have any questions about the application process or situation, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to support you every step of the way.


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