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Introducing… Coworking in the French Alps with Aster Coworking

The French Alps have long been praised for the incredible mountains and world-class winter sports opportunities, but there’s more going on in the Les 3 Vallées than meets the eye...

The world is changing, and now on top of the huge amount of seasonal work available here, like life operators, ski instructors, chalet staff and more, there’s now a huge web of digital freelancers, remote workers and business owners who have chosen to make this picturesque valley their year around home.

As remote workers ourselves at Aster Management, we truly understood the need for a working space we could call home. The more we spoke about it with our peers and network, the more we realised we weren't the only ones. Que… Aster Coworking.

Our aim at Aster Coworking is to reshape the region's working identity by providing a cutting-edge workspace. We’re redefining the traditional concept of working in the mountains, by offering professionals and digital nomads a way to feel inspired, to network and to give their brand / business / work life a home.

A Haven for Productivity and Collaboration

We have worked hard to combine elements of functionality, comfort and style to cater to the needs of modern professionals seeking a productive environment that stimulates creativity and fosters collaboration. With ergonomic furniture and Fibre Optic WiFi, we ensure that individuals can work efficiently.

Flexibility and Amenities

Whether you're a freelancer, a startup founder, or a remote worker, our coworking space offers flexible membership options to suit your requirements. From hot desks and private offices to meeting rooms and virtual memberships, Aster Coworking ensures that professionals have access to the amenities you need to thrive. On top of being a productive work space, we also have communal areas for networking, brainstorming, socialising and just relaxing.

Exploring Bozel and Beyond

One of the unique aspects of Aster Coworking is its location. Bozel is a charming Alpine village with a thriving year round community. It’s renowned for its outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, and mountain biking, providing an ideal balance between work and play. After a productive day at the coworking space, why not take a dip in the lake or go for a cheeky paddle board?

You can now book a hot desk to try it out, or even start your coworking subscription today by following this link. To access the English booking portal, please create an account first. Enter your account on the top right, click profile and enter your preferred language settings.

Explore our space, our pricing plan and registered post service in more detail and find what’s right for you. We offer the utmost flexibility to meet the most challenging time schedules and we are so excited to build this community together and create a hub for business professionals in the Alps.

Speak soon,

The Aster Team


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