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A breath of fresh air: Aster Coworking brings the future of work to Bozel, in the French Alps

As you may or may not know, at Aster Management, we opened a new coworking space in Bozel in June 2023. We're thrilled by the community vibes and the passionate professionals we've connected with since its launch.

We must admit, as our first, and one of the only coworking spaces in the French Alps, we went into this new journey having specific ideas in our head about how the coworking space was going to run. We're happy that in many ways we've been proved wrong, and that we've had many more visits from holidaymakers than we first anticipated. It turns out, that as well as being a great spot for locals to set up their digital desks, we've been a hit with many one-off holidaymakers looking for a haven to work in whilst on holiday.

To celebrate the first couple of months of Aster Coworking being in business, we wanted to talk a little today about the benefits of coworking and what to expect from our coworking space specifically.

So, is coworking worth the hype?

In short - yes. Coworking spaces have started cropping up all over the globe as more professionals are after more flexible work environments and networking opportunities. But why?

1. To boost your image

Coworking spaces can help to enhance a business's image. Switching to Coworking instead of a home office means you've got a lovely space to bring your clients, showing a modern mindset.

2. Provide a legitimate address for startups

Coworking gives startups a prestigious address without the high cost. It sends a message of professionalism over a home-based operation. At Aster Coworking we even offer a registered office service, which is a very beneficial perk for locals looking for an official address.

4. Productivity skyrockets

Distractions at home can blur work-life boundaries. Coworking spaces, designed for productivity, eliminate these distractions. Plus, you're paying for it, so you're more likely to get your head down when you’re there.

5. Flexible options

Unlike traditional offices, coworking spaces offer professionals the flexibility to choose when and how they work. This is especially beneficial for freelancers, startups, and businesses that do not require a permanent office setup, like many of those living or holidaying in the Alps where the ‘typical 9-5’ doesn’t apply in the same way as it does in a city.

6. Cost-effective

For startups and freelancers, renting or buying an office space can be financially taxing. Coworking spaces offer amenities like high-speed internet, conference rooms, and office equipment without the need for a long-term lease or large upfront investment - it’s an ideal stepping stone as your business grows (or if you need a spot to get your head down on holiday).

7. Inspiring atmosphere

Many coworking spaces are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and conducive to productivity. Being around other motivated professionals can also boost your own motivation and drive. Despite being a solo freelancer or a small team, you're part of a larger community in coworking spaces. It’s an inbuilt support system.

An HBR study (2018), found:

“At a basic level, coworking is a service that simplifies the transaction of accessing and occupying a workspace. However, it is also a social product that nurtures a sense of belongingness to its members.”

What stands out about our coworking space in Bozel?

1. Networking in nature - a boost in creativity

Numerous studies have shown that nature can enhance creativity. And it doesn't get more panoramic than views of the Alps right outside the window. This, combined with a thoughtfully designed interior, can stimulate fresh ideas and innovative solutions. At Aster Coworking, you can spend your lunch breaks hiking or sitting by the lake - winning.

A photo of bozel lake

2. Flexibility

Whether you’re a digital nomad, a startup enthusiast, or a seasoned entrepreneur, Aster Coworking offers flexible plans to suit varied requirements. From one-off day passes, to monthly access and dedicated desks, there's a space to suit everyone, regardless of your situation.

3. Amenities

At Aster Coworking we offer complimentary tea and coffee, printing rights and the ability to use a private meeting room if you've got a call that you need to take in private at no extra cost. Plus, we have Fibre WiFi - which in the Alps, is very difficult to come by!

The future of work in the French Alps

Our coworking space is reshaping the world of alpine work by offering spaces in nature-rich areas, moving away from the busy city life. Bozel, with its clean surroundings and community vibe, combined with our top-notch facilities, is becoming a top spot for professionals. It's not just a trend, it's the future.

Our space in Bozel isn’t just about providing a desk and an internet connection. We believe in creating a relaxing environment that promotes productivity and networking opportunities. Whether you're in Bozel for a long haul or just passing by on holiday, why not visit us?


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